Speed Dating FAQs

Pink Fizz Gay and Lesbian Speed Dating

How Does SpeedDating Work?

Speed Dating is designed to allow single people meet other single people and that's why we give people as many chance to meet as many people as possible. Most visitors will come alone, so dont worry about it, we'll introduce you to people.

Do I have to book Pink Fizz Speed Dating in advance?

We hope that our events will sell out in advance, so we always recommend that you book in advance. Also, it means we will have all your details already on file, ensuring we can cross reference you and let you know about any matches you have on the night.

How long does a Speed Dating Night Last?

It depends on how many attend, but normally our nights last between two and three hours. We like to kick off at around 7.00pm but check each event when you book.

What should I wear?

Wear what you feel comfortable in. Many guests come after work so are dressed in suits etc. Don't forget you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Do many people come alone?

When you arrive, you will be greeted by our event host, who will check you in and give you a score card and a name badge. You will then get a chance to grab a drink at the bar whilst others arrive. When everyone has arrived, the host will run through the night and answer any questions.

The host will have advise who will be "movers" and who will be "stayers". Then the fun begins. The stayers remain at their table, whilst the movers move on at the sound of the bell.

Depending on how many attend depends on the length of the dates, but we normally try to give everyone 3-4 minutes per date and try to let you have 15+ dates. We also allow a few breaks to refresh drinks and mingle at the bar. The bar also stays open after the event so you can meet anyone you didnt get a chance to date.

Dont forget, to fill in your score card and hand it in at the end of the night. Within 48 hours, we'll check and see if you have any matches and if so, we'll email you their contact details (email address)

How will I know if I have any matches?

At the end of the night, you will hand in your scorecard to the host. Over the next 48 hours we will cross reference the cards. If you have asked to meet someone and they have also asked to meet you we will send you eachother's email address so you can get in touch.

What information will be given to my matches?

We only give out email addresses, its up to you to get in touch after the event and exchange phone numbers etc.

What if I cant make an event I have booked?

As we limit numbers at our events, we can't offer a refund if you cant make the event, however what we will do is offer you a place at our next speed dating event.

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